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Special Topics and Particular Occupations, Professions and Sectors

This volume embodies the twin purpose of highlighting topics beyond the purview of themes commonly associated with workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment and of presenting insights into those occupations, professions and sectors which either have received extensive research attention or hold a pronounced propensity to trigger workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment. Section 1, which comprises special topics, depicts the intersection between workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment and specific circumstances such as whistleblowing and customer abuse or particular attributes such as violence and ostracism. In so doing, it extends the boundaries of the substantive area, stimulating new themes for further inquiry and indicating new areas for action. Section 2 draws attention to how misbehaviour inheres in particular kinds of tasks and livelihoods due to job design, work organization and other elements such as power, external environment, employment patterns and so on. An array of occupations, professions and sectors such as academe, nursing, law, hospitality, precarious work and so on is covered, reflecting emergent developments in the labour market so as to include those with long-standing and considerable research findings and those where empirical inquiries are more recent.
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Premilla D'Cruz holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. She is currently Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India. Together with Ernesto Noronha, Premilla has been researching the area of workplace bullying for over a decade and has covered various facets of the phenomenon through pioneering work which has extended the boundaries of our understanding. In addition to two authored books on workplace bullying (Workplace Bullying in India [Routledge] and Depersonalized Bullying at Work [Springer]), Premilla has recently co-edited both a special issue of Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management (Emerald) on workplace bullying and a book titled Indian Perspectives on Workplace Bullying: A Decade of Insights (Springer). She has published numerous papers in reputed peer-reviewed journals, such as Journal of Business Ethics, Information and Organization, Economic and Industrial Democracy and International Journal of Human Resource Management, and made several international presentations on the topic. Premilla's other research interests include emotions at work, self and identity at work, organizational control, and information and communication technologies (ICTs) and organizations. Premilla has been a visiting scholar at various European and Australian universities and has received multilateral and bilateral study grants, in addition to several awards for outstanding academic and research work throughout her student and professional career. She has been President of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH) between 2016 and 2018, having earlier served as Secretary (2010-2016) and Special Interest Groups Coordinator (2008-2010). She is currently the section editor of Labour Relations and Business Ethics at the Journal of Business Ethics. More details about Premilla's work are available at https://www.iima.ac.in/ web/faculty/faculty-profiles/premilla-d-cruz.
Ernesto Noronha holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. He is currently Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India. Together with Premilla D'Cruz, Ernesto has been involved in pioneering studies on various aspects of workplace bullying and has several published papers and presentations in the substantive area. Ernesto's other research interests include workplace ethnicity, technology and work, and labour and globalization, and he has numerous papers published in reputed peer-reviewed journals on these topics, including Journal of Business Ethics, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Information and Organization and Journal of Contemporary Asia. He has recently co-edited Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment in Globalizing India (Springer). Ernesto has received bilateral and multilateral grants to study various aspects of employee experiences of work in India's offshoring and outsourcing sector, focusing on new and unexplored areas such as organizational control, diversity, telework and collectivization, in addition to the VVEF Outstanding Researcher Award 2009 and 2017 at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Ernesto has been a Visiting Professor at the Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) School, Cornell University, and at the Institute for Sociology, University of Vienna. He has presented invited talks as a visiting scholar at numerous European universities, such as Strathclyde, Portsmouth, Bergen and Hamburg, in addition to the keynote address at the 2010 Work, Employment and Society (WES) conference. He is currently a board member of the RC30 Sociology of Work group at the International Sociological Association (ISA) and the section editor of Labour Relations and Business Ethics at the Journal of Business Ethics. More details about Ernesto's work are available at https://www.iima.ac.in/ web/faculty/faculty-profiles/ernesto-noronha.
Loraleigh Keashly (Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan, 1988) is Professor of Communication and Distinguished Service Professor at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA. She is also Associate Dean, Curricular and Student Affairs, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. Her research and consulting focus on quality of work relationships and conflict and conflict resolution at the interpersonal, group and intergroup levels. Her current research focus is the nature, effects and amelioration of uncivil, hostile and bullying behaviours in the workplace. She has a particular interest in developing bystander efficacy to address negative work relationships and build constructive work relationships. Most recently, she has focused her attention on the academic environment and works with universities on these issues. For further information on her work, visit http://www.comm.wayne.edu/profile. php?id103677.
Stacy Tye-Williams (Ph.D., Organizational Communication, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies in the Department of Communication Studies/English at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA. She examines dark- and bright-side processes in organizational life ranging from workplace bullying to the power of collective storytelling to bring about positive change. Her ultimate focus is how people use communication to organize and create positive outcomes in their organizations and the communities in which they are embedded, along with the ways they fail to do so. In addition to several book chapters, she has published articles in Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Women and Language, Western Journal of Communication, Communication Studies and Ohio Communication Journal. She also serves as co-chair of the National Communication Association's Anti-Bullying Task Force.


Whistleblowing and workplace bullying: The role of leaders and preliminary findings from clinical practice.- Ostracism in the workplace.- Abuse from organizational outsiders: Customer aggression and incivility.- Workplace violence.- Media portrayals of workplace bullying.- Dark Behaviors and Shadowy Places: Bullying, Emotional Abuse, and Harassment as Linked to Hidden Organizations.- Bullying in precarious work.- Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment in the field of corrections.- Bullying and negative behaviour in the hospitality industry.- Bullying in the legal profession.- Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment in schools.- Social work and workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment.- Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment in academe.- Workplace bullying in the nursing profession.- Workplace bullying, emotional abuse, and harassment in fire departments.- Workplace bullying in the public sector.- Workplace Bullying in Military Organizations.- From playground to pulpit and pew: Bullying in the church.- Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment in the building and construction industry.- Workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment in the context of dirty work.


EAN / 13-stellige ISBN 978-9811053092
10-stellige ISBN 981105309X
Imprint Handbooks of Workplace Bullyin
Sprache Englisch
Anmerkungen zur Auflage 2021
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Erscheinungsdatum 6. Januar 2021
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